Last week, Jon got his first invitation for an interview from Ross University, on Dominica!  After months of waiting, finally we have some forward motion, and it feels good to move (in any direction) again.  Boy, what a great way to start the day, to read that e-mail! Even better, the interview will be in Portland, which from what we’ve gathered is a complete anomaly that it just happens to be exactly where we live – apparently most of the other students being interviewed in Portland will have to fly out here.  Thank you Jesus we won’t have the extra expense of airfare! 

Jon read the invitation first and called me from school. As soon as I read it I went to send the good news on to our immediate families and that’s when it got bittersweet.  Typing on my iPhone “Mom,” “Dad,” “Robin” (Jon’s mom) and…  that’s all.  It was a weird feeling.  Sure, there’ve been times over the past year - the engagement of Jon’s sister, the holidays, Lincoln starting to talk - when Curt has been glaringly missing, but this instance came a little unexpectedly. 

Jon used to accompany his dad to his oncologist appointments at OHSU and try his best to act as interpreter for the family through all the medical terminology and jargon.  Curt’s doctor (and his staff) made a big impression on the kind of physician Jon wants to be someday; he took an authentic interest in Jon’s pursuits and in the year+ since Curt’s been gone he and his nurse have checked in on the family a few times, has let Jon shadow him and given him advice, and even wrote him a letter of recommendation.

Jon’s dad was and would have been very excited for him as we near the end of the chapter of pre-med and get ready to move on to the next. We are fortunate that Jon was already on the path to medical school so Curt knew where we were headed before he died.  We are grateful that God gave him that gift – the opportunity to be proud of his son.

Ross University's front entrance

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