When Jon was early to pick me up from work a couple weeks ago I was a little frustrated because I'm trying to be better about making him wait and I still had things to finish up.  But that was short-lived when he walked straight in and blurted out with a huge smile, "I got in!..."
And then it came:
"…to the January class."

Whoo boy, I did the math in my head: that gave us roughly 5 weeks to do, well, everything.  For four people.  And two cats.

Chocolate stress therapy.
Then I had the exact same thought I had 5 years ago when we found out we were pregnant with our  (always perfectly enjoyable) Solveig: 

Shoot, God's really going to make us do this!

...It's so easy to be obedient when you're not really having to do anything all that hard yet - my confidence was sometimes all smoke & mirrors.  So I guess you could say now it's our turn to walk our talk.  Ouch.

So fast forward to now, after two non-stop weeks filled with chest x-rays, trips to government offices, rabies vaccines, physical exams, meetings with bank managers & preschool teachers, phone calls to Dominica, Miami, LA, Kansas and New Jersey, Hep B shots, conversations with piano parents, and Thanksgiving somewhere in there too.

Jon's mileage from Day 1 of Visa Paperwork Extravaganza 2012.
Mailing off our immigration packet.
Our life feels like an endless to-do list right now but I have to admit this sudden flurry has been a little fun too: it feels good to be so incredibly productive each and every single day, even if each day I wake up a little overwhelmed.

So, here's the low-down:
We've just paid Jon's tuition deposit and sent off our huge packet of immigration paperwork for our visas (it was due today).  Solveig & Lincoln's paperwork?  6 pages.  Mine & Jon's?  3,482.  

We fly out on the red-eye out of Portland on December 29th and arrive on the Island of Dominica around 4pm on the 30th.  Then Jon has meetings on the 31st and orientation week (that includes snorkeling tours and whale watching - tough life) before classes start January 7th.

We still have to work out packing missionary barrels to send off in a couple weeks, find storage for the things we're keeping back home, find a place to live on the island, get the kittens import certificates, enroll Solveig in school, buy Jon supplies like scrubs and dry-erase markers and an opthalmosope (whatever the heck that is - I'm a business major for a reason!).  Oh, and buy mosquito nets.

How can we be so busy every day and still have so many things left to do? 

This post is making me tired, better head to bed: tomorrow is one more day toward our new adventure!

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